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Deidre G. Avatar
Deidre G.
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Hello everyone! I am very excited to have the opportunity to attend this years seminar in St.louis.
I'm very interested in receiving Atlas health knowledge as well as meeting Mr. Smith. I have seen great responses/ reviews and look forward to transforming myself and helping others as well on this new adventure!

Mia F. Avatar
Mia F.
5 star rating
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I am so grateful to have found Dr. Smith.  As an athlete who likes to push my body to the limits and a career which compromises my neck and back I have been "fixed" by Dr. Smith many times.  I am still amazed at how the partial tear in my... read more

Lisa B. Avatar
Lisa B.
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I started working with Dr. Joe a year ago, after a literal lifetime of GI issues (my main reason for seeking his help), and positive autoimmune markers (which other dr's brushed off as something to "just keep an eye on"). We began the journey with GI mapping (stool "inventory" test),... read more

Zoe K. Avatar
Zoe K.
5 star rating
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There aren't enough stars in the Yelp galaxy to express my appreciation and enthusiasm for Dr. Joe and Lighthouse.  Within two days of my first visit, he gave me renewed energy, within 11 days, he gave me a new body, within 15 days he gave me a more vibrant personality... read more

Renee Z. Avatar
Renee Z.
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I went to 20 allopathic doctors in 10 years in an attempt to to deal with my chronic pain and chronic GI symptoms; all 20 told me there was nothing wrong with me, and all 20 did blood tests and declared the normal. Finally, after I had endured one migraine... read more

Stefanie O. Avatar
Stefanie O.
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If only I had found Dr. Joe a few years earlier! I could have saved myself a lot of time, energy, and money (not to mention pain and feelings of hopelessness) by getting the proper treatment I needed to address the source of my problem rather than treating symptoms.... read more

Jennifer M. Avatar
Jennifer M.
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I'm in the midst of my healing journey and I recommend Dr. Joe to everyone who will listen. He's able to connect ALL of the dots and get to the root cause, ultimately saving my sanity along with time and money. I'm so thankful.

Loren S. Avatar
Loren S.
5 star rating
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Dr. Smith is extremely knowledgeable and patient, taking time to understand your background, determine the root cause of the issue, and then explain his approach to remedying it.

I had neck pain and impaired mobility for weeks. He adjusted me and applied various Applied Kinesiology techniques. I recall he pressed...
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Heather G. Avatar
Heather G.
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I love this approach to healthcare and only wish we had more Doctors like this in San Diego!!

Raina S. Avatar
Raina S.
5 star rating
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This just in!! The amazing Dr. Joseph Smith has curred me of a lifetime of physical discomfort!! I've been to everyone and done EVERYTHING but he was able to figure out exactly what my issue was and what I needed. He is well worth the drive, the money, and the... read more

Brook S. Avatar
Brook S.
4 star rating
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Joe Smith is very passionate about his work!
My issues are neurological and he was very helpful!

Clare A. Avatar
Clare A.
5 star rating
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I come from a family of western medicine Doc's so I was biased learning about what chiropractic can offer. In just a few months I'm sold. I've never come across a doctor whose job is caring for me as a whole human being- physical, emotional, psychological, spiritual etc.. I have... read more

Nic M. Avatar
Nic M.
5 star rating
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I have worked with Dr. Joe for about 5 months now. I've waited this long to put up some "reviews" since health journeys are long (mine included) and I didn't want to make any major statements until I had a good sample size of facts. Anyway, I've decided the facts... read more

Biff H. Avatar
Biff H.
5 star rating
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I was introduced to Dr. Smith at his seminar where he teaches Professional Applied Kinesiology "PAK". I found him to be ahead of his time. He is very powerful teacher and has a strong passion for getting people well. I eventually became one of his clients and have referred many... read more