With over 14 years of experience successfully managing complex cases, Dr. Joe offers a unique and cutting edge approach to transforming our clients’ health and lives. The Atlas Method will take you through three phases of care: Discovery, Treatment, and Post-Care. Below is a more detailed introduction to each phase.


The Atlas Method begins with investigating your medical history, exams, labs, and diagnostics.


We will take an extensive look at your medical and personal history. We will use detailed forms to subjectively gather information on metabolic, hormonal, immune and neurological capacities or imbalances. And we partner with cutting edge laboratories to objectively quantify and validate your experience.

We also perform in-house diagnostics that include: Video Nystography, Posturography, Tilt Table Assessment for POTS, Spark Motion Gait Assessment, Graded Treadmill Test for return to play, maximum Aerobic Efficiency Assessment, Advanced Recovery Performance, Electrotherapy, Body-Fat Testing, Bio Impedance Analysis, and RightEye Functional Vision Diagnostics.

We will discuss your short-term and long-term goals. The end result of this discovery phase, is the Atlas Formula for Success. This is tantamount to your path to recovery.

The secret to The Atlas Method is that the discovery phase is ongoing, we continually look at the objective and subjective variables and shift or update our plan based on the variables. This method was born out of recognizing the need for personalized and customized plans to help our clients reach their goals, versus rigid protocols that can be ineffective.


Once the underlying causes of your symptoms are identified, an individualized treatment plan is created which can include in-office and at home treatments and therapies, nutritional supplements, and improvements to your lifestyle and diet. Some of the therapies that we utilize include:

Chiropractic, Residual Rehabilitation, Ocular Motor Therapy, Tone Pacing, Neuro Sensory Motor Integrator, Functional Neurology, Orthopedic Rehabilitation, Meridian Therapy, Clinical Nutrition, Balance, Aerobic High Impact, Specific Customized Programs, Light Therapy, Sound Therapy,  Color Therapy, Chiropractic And Massage Therapy, Interval Training, Balance Therapy. Therapeutic Massage, Neurolymphatic Therapy, Tilt Table, ARP, High Volt Galvonic, Trans-cutaneous Vagal Stem, Repositioning Maneuvers, Brain Tap, Hypnosis, Cold Laser, Rotational Therapy, Hemistim, Vibrational Therapy, Percussor, Aromatherapy, Meridian Therapy, Righteye and SSEP.


Here we create and implement a personalized plan which will be strategically implemented. Prioritization matters. Everything must be implemented at the right time as the body improves and adapts. Interventions may include one or several of the therapies described above.


Our mission is to provide you with the education and strategies that you need to create lasting change, prevent recurrence and to have a better quality of life. Unlike other philosophies, we care about long-lasting results, not quick fixes.


Strategies implemented include at-home brain based exercise, supplements, dietary suggestions, sleep hygiene modification or implementation and aerobic efficiency training.

At Atlas, we use a Whole Body Approach, incorporating emotional and cognitive awareness exercises in order to reinforce your personal values and commitment to the process of ongoing health maintenance.

In this phase we monitor response to care with forms, follow-up labs, check-ins and in some cases, we refer to your primary care when medication or change in medication is needed.